Laboratory high-temperature of carbon materials
PhD. Barnakov Chingiz

Laboratory of catalysis in coal chemistry
corresponding member of RAS Ismagilov Zinfer

Laboratory chemistry of brown coals
PhD. Zerebcov Sergey

Laboratory of inorganic nanomaterials
corresponding member of RAS Yuri Zakharov

Laboratory of supramolecular chemistry of polymers
Dr., Prof. Altshuler Henry

Laboratory of nanomaterials from coalchemistry raw materials (based on KemGU)
Dr. Moroz A.A.

Laboratory for energy connections and nanocomposites

Dr., Prof. Aduev Borys
Laboratory of technology of coal deep processing (based on KuzGTU)
E.S. Mikhailova

Laboratory synthesis of modified carbon nanomaterials
PhD. O.S. Efimova