Kuzbass Industrial Forum – 2016

Kuzbass Industrial Forum - 2016 was closed on Aptil 15, 2016.

The Forum was held in Kemerovo in April 12 – 15, 2016. About 40 enterprises operating in the field of coal mining and processing, fuel, energetics and ecology from Kuzbass (RUSAL, ZapSib, Ingeneering Center ASI, SUEK-Kuzbass, Berezovsk Electro-mechanical Plant and others) and Mosckow, Saint-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk etc. participated in the forum.

The organizers claimed that Kuzbass Industrial Forum – 2016 is a pilot project aimed to present the region potential as a modern, competitive, innovative and investment-attractive industrial center.

The best showpiece contest of the exhibition-fairs Expo-Coal, Energy and Energy Saving and Ecotek was held during the Forum.

The contest jury consisted of executives and specialists of sectoral ministries and governmental committees, administration of Kemerovo, Kuzbass, scientific centers, enterprises and organizations. Some of the prizes were taken by the showpieces presented by Institute of Coal Chemistry and Material Science of the Federal Research Center of Coal and Coal Chemistry SB RAS:

The Experimental Facility for Production of High-Efficient Carbon Sorbents ’ was awarded with the Gold Medal


‘The Bank of Kunetsky Bassein Coals’ and ‘Technology of Liquid Fuels obtainment from Barzass field Sapropelites ’were awarded with a 1st degree Diploma.



The Experimental Multifunctional Facility for the Development of Lignite's and oxidized coal's Complex Processing Basic Technologies ' was awarded with a 2nd degree Diploma



The Technology of Liquid Products Obtainment from Barzass field Coal' was awarded with a 3rd degree Diploma